Nyko Zoom for Kinect release date confirmed

'Glasses' for Kinect that allows a smaller playing area

Kinect is fun but also heaped in safety red tape, Nyko would rather you just had fun, no matter what size your living room.

Nyko's Zoom peripheral for Microsoft Kinect is to get a release date of August 23rd with the add-on offering gamers the ability to play Kinect almost anywhere.

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While they may look like night-vision goggles for your Kinect, what Nyko's pair of 'specs' does is in fact very clever. By using a series of lenses, the Zoom will reduce the Kinect's required playing area to just 4 feet rather than the fairly lavish 8 feet.

It has no power source because it is essentially a pair of glasses for your Kinect, and doesn't affect the performance of Kinect's motion-tracking in any way, so as far as we can see, it's a win win situation.

It's a simple but brilliant solution for those who just don't have that kind of floor space but still want to go flailing their limbs around every once in a while. At $30 it's also not badly priced, however there's no word on whether it'll be coming to the UK, so for now, it's over to internet shopping.

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Source: Yahoo