Nvidia Kal-El quad-core hands-on revealed

Video: Glowball demo shows off dynamic lighting

New NVIDIA chip aims to leap frog Apple in next-gen market.

NVIDIA has shown that its new SoC, dubbed Kal-El, is set to take next-gen tablet gaming to a whole new level, after the unveiling of a ‘Glowball’ game video.

The impressive video shows the systems ability to emulate dynamic lighting and real time physics, thanks to the 12-core NVIDIA GPU and four 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 cores that have been rammed onto the chip.

The first products to contain Kal-El are due to be out this August, with rumours suggesting that Motorola’s Xoom 2 is the most likely candidate, with smartphone releases thought to arrive in 2012.

It seems highly doubtful that Apple’s A5 processor will be able to match Kal-Els graphic qualities, and with NVIDIA claiming that they expect a 25-30% rise in performance by the time products reach production, if developers come flocking they may really be able to get a jump on Apple.

Check the awesome power of the system for yourself in the video below.