Nvidia introduces Tegra 4i mobile processor

Chip off the old block

Nvidia has unveiled the Tegra 4i quad-core smartphone processor with a 2.3GHz CPU and 60 custom GPU cores

Nvidia has been hard at work with fellow chip manufacturer ARM to make our future smartphones faster and even more efficient. Today the company revealed its Nvidia Tegra 4i processor - a quad-core chip clocked at 2.3 GHz.

The processor, which was previously known by its codename "Project Gray", features 60 custom Nvidia GPU cores alongside the quad-core CPU and a fifth battery saver core designed to keep the next generation of smartphones running even more efficiently

The new 4i CPU core is based on ARM's own R4 Cortex-A9 CPU and is according to Nvidia, the most efficient and highest performance CPU core on the market.

Where the Tegra 4i is likely to show some serious muscle is in the realm of gaming and image production, unsurprising given Nvidia's illustrious track record in this field.

Along with those custom 60 GPU cores, the 4i features something called Nvidia Chimera Computational Photography Architecture. This technology lets handsets support always-on high dynamic range (HDR) images and videos for a more discernable contrast in the display. So, when reviewing photos or playing games, the visuals will be a lot clearer than current offerings.

Of course, taking that into account is likely to annihilate battery life, but Nvidia is confident that the fifth core will kick in for low-intensity tasks and help preserve the juice.

We'll have to wait for a device to actually arrive with the Tegra 4i on board to test out these claims - but certainly on paper the new processor appears to give the current crop of smartphone specs a substantial overhaul.

Unfortunately, there was no mention of any new devices that scheduled to appear with the Tegra 4i on board - but as soon as we know more, we'll let you know.