Nokia X1-00 unleashed

Dirt cheap blower promises big sound

Bargain bucket blower comes with super loud speaker.

Love creating a racket with naff R’n’B on the bus? Or just keen to save money while recapturing your misspent youth? Then the Nokia X1-00 is the phone you’ve been waiting for.

Costing just €35 (£29) SIM-free, it’s one of Nokia’s cheapest ever phones. But it’s not only the price that’s eye-catching, it’s the loud speaker slapped across the back. Nokia says it’ll create enough noise, “…to rattle your window frames”.

Apparently, the speaker’s frequency response has been tickled so it doesn’t cause the horrific distortion so often associated with mobile speakers. Which means the kids can crank the X1-00 up to 11 on the back seat of the bus and you can hear every word and beat crystal clear.

Speaker aside, the Nokia X1-00 comes with a colour screen, Series 30 software, SD support up to an impressive 16GB and a 3.5mm jack for bunging on your own headphones. It’s due to land in April in “selected markets”.

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