Nokia expected to launch Windows handsets next week

Ballmer confirms that Windows 7 handsets from Nokia are near release

After months of waiting and speculation it would appear as though Nokia is finally ready to unveil it's official switchover to Windows Phone 7, marking the death of Symbian and the end of an era

With Nokia World 2011 officially making its appearance next week the speculation over what they've been announcing has reached fever pitch with Steve Ballmer CEO of Microsoft finally admitting that Windows Phone 7 handsets will be making an appearence.

Reported as saying there will be 'new devices running Windows Phone' appearing at Nokia's conference next week this is the clearest evidence yet that the company is planning on making its comeback after scrapping both MeeGo and Symbian.

As seen from the plan for the day Nokia has clearly set aside time for the press to 'Get to know the latest mobile products' which can surely only mean one thing, Windows Phone 7 handsets.

What do you think, will Nokia finally release their Windows Phone 7 handsets, and how many do you think we'll be seeing? Let us know via the comments box below...