Nokia Windows Phone 7 apps will be non-exlusive

Apps will be universally available for all WP7 handsets

In a move that will surprise many, Nokia has announced that with Windows Phone 7, everyone is a friend, regardless of brand.

Nokia's Senior Vice President of Developer and Marketplace Marco Argenti has revealed that many of Nokia's Windows Phone 7 apps will not be exclusive to their own handsets, with customers being able to install them on any Windows Phone 7 handset.

While it's confirmed that every app will be available on any handset, there will of course be some features which Nokia will want to be hanging on to, a full version of Ovi Maps for example.

Ditching Microsoft's Bing Maps (or at least quietly placing it in a corner), the Nokia handsets will take full advantage of the company's previous expertise in the field, utilising 3D mapping and directional navigation.

Unfortunately it's not yet known just how many of these features would be carried across, if at all onto a HTC Windows Phone 7 handset for example, but what is clear is that Nokia is taking a completely different stance on Windows Phone 7 and the development and sharing of their own software.

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