Nokia to launch dual-screen 3D tablet next year?

Could a 3DS style device be in the pipeline?

Could Nokia be set to make it's mark on the tablet market?

With it's first batch of Windows 7 phones being put together as we write, it appears that Nokia could also be set to enter the tablet market with a device not completely dissimilar to the concept of Nintendo's 3Ds.

A patent filed by the Finish phone giant in late April has been unearthed showing a dual screen device with 3D capabilities and eye level tracking camera which, in technical terms, is a device with "auto stereoscopic rendering and display apparatus".

However, don't get too excited yet, as there may be a bit of a wait on our hands before concept becomes reality. Respected mobile phone commentator Eldar Murtazin has written on the Mobile Review forum that Nokia will launch a tablet in 2012, though this could be pushed back to 2013.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop recently confirmed that the company was "right now assessing what's the right tablet strategy for Nokia." With this patent being released, it looks as if the company has finished these assessments.

The news follows rumours across the internet that Microsoft is putting together a tablet focussed around the upcoming Windows 8 OS, which is thought will appear at some stage next year.

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Via: Techradar