Nokia Symbian loses most influential supporter

Symbian Guru turns back on Nokia for Android future

The Guru's out, fetch the Symbian Shaman

Nokia’s waning footings in the smartphone market has today suffered yet another devastating blow with mobile industry blogger and self proclaimed ‘Symbian Guru’, Ricky Cadden ditching his diehard love of Nokia’s Symbian OS in favour of an Android run handset.

Cadden explained his distaste on the Symbian Guru blog where he wrote: “"I can’t continue to support a manufacturer who puts out such craptastic ‘flagships’ as the N97, and who expects me to use services that even most of Nokia’s own employees don’t use.”

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With the blogosphere’s main players often falling into camp Apple or camp Android, it is a worrying loss for Nokia to have such a high-profile and influential Symbian enthusiasts turn his back on the struggling platform.

Claiming that the Nokia N97 was the final nail in a stud filled coffin, Cadden proclaimed of Symbian: "The platform still languishes behind Android in simple features – being able to replace various pieces of the OS at the users’ whim, native threaded SMS/MMS, integrated IM, and a usable app marketplace, among others."

The Symbian Guru’s parting words to the Finnish company were as harsh as the reception of recent Symbian platform releases: "To Nokia, you guys are losing. Hard. Wake the hell up. Doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting different results is the definition of insanity.”

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