Nokia reveals new naming strategy

E, X, N and C series dropped in favour of numbers only

The higher the number, the better the phone.

Nokia has unveiled a new naming strategy for its entire portfolio of phones, ditching the C, E, N and X series monikers in favour of a numerical approach. Essentially, the higher the number, the better the phone.

The news comes just a day after Nokia revealed its first 1GHz smartphone, the Symbian Anna-packing Nokia 500. While this currently sits atop of the Symbian tree, newer phones with higher numbers look set to gazump it. Nokia’s Windows Phone handsets will surely have the highest numbers of all.

Nokia says that the move to this new numerical strategy will help users understand how good a phone really is. In an official blog post on Nokia Conversations, the company said, “People understand the logic behind ‘the bigger the number, the more you get’ philosophy.”

But with Symbian and Windows Phones both getting the same treatment, the chance for confusion is ripe. Will this really help Nokia clamber back to the top of the smartphone tree? Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.