First Symbian 3 Nokia N8 'will be success' claim Nokia

Future is Symbian, definitely not Android, says design boss

Nokia says no to Android, yes to N8 win

Nokia has come out fighting in the latest rounds of the smartphone wars, pulling no punches in its self motivational speech proclaiming “The fightback starts now.”

Commenting on the official Nokia blog, Nokia Conversations, the company’s new head of Mobile Solutions, Anssi Vanjoki has declared his determination to put Nokia back at the top of the mobile market.

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Vanjoki said: “I am committed, perhaps even obsessed, with getting Nokia back to being number one in high-end devices. Achieving this will require performance and efforts over and above the norm.” He added: “I’m ready to take this challenge on, and so is the entire Nokia team.”

Having recently suffered some serious blows to its already unstable footing in the smartphone market, Nokia is determined to win back fans such as their platform advocate the Symbian Guru who yesterday jumped ship criticising the stale Nokia platform.

Due for launch in the coming months, the Nokia N8 smartphone will look to reinvigorate the heavily criticised and lacklustre Symbian operating system as the handset will be the first to host the Symbian 3 software. Vanjoki sees the N8 and future projects as the defining of Nokia: “We have all the assets — including R&D and product development – at our disposal under one roof – to produce killer smartphones and market-changing mobile computers.”

These new ‘market-changing mobile computers’ just might include the MeeGo powered Nokia tablet that has been so heavily rumoured. Vanjoki has strengthened these rumours today suggesting: “The current phase of MeeGo development is looking awesome. We believe it will power the computers of the future. And the computers of the future will not be tied to a desk or even a lap – they will fit in your pocket.”

Whatever Nokia plans to do in the near future, its plans need to be backed up by well-functioning, high-end handsets. A move away from the much melighned Symbian platform might provide this, but as Vanjoki states: “we have no plans to use any other software. Despite rumors to the contrary, there are no plans to introduce an Android device from Nokia.”

Via: Nokia Conversations