Nokia N8 UK release date set for August 26th?

Online store slips 12-Megapixel cam smartphone launch date

But will this be enough to turn Nokia's fortunes around?

The N8, Nokia’s upcoming Symbian^3 touchscreen smartphone tour de force, has been delayed more times than we care to remember, but now looks like it’s less than two weeks from launch. Online store MobileFun has listed the phone as being available on August 26th in the UK.

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Whilst this isn’t exactly a complete dead cert, it does sit in line with Nokia’s projection for a Q3 release, and is before Nokia World (September 14-15th), at which point a new handset will undoubtedly bound into life and steal the N8’s thunder.

The phone, with a 12-Megapixel camera and that new updated OS, has all of Nokia’s hopes pinned firmly to its 3.5-inch screen. The Finnish giant has had a run of disappointing smartphones over the past couple of years, none of which have competed with Android or iPhone in any real way, and the N8 could very well be make or break.

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Link: MobileFun