Nokia MeeGo tablet spotted?

New spy shot shows Nokia-branded slate

Will Nokia be bringing its MeeGo slate to the MWC party?

It’s all been pretty quiet when it comes to Nokia MeeGo in recent months. But that all looks set to change with the leak of this new image, purportedly showing a tablet rocking Espoo’s next-gen OS.

Chatter about the MeeGo tablet is already ramping up, with avid Nokia watchers saying the logo sits in the same position as on the N900 and N97, suggesting this will be a landscape-oriented device when it does hit the shelves.

Engadget also points out that Nokia loves to have its logo the same size on all of its top-end kit, so this iPad-botherer could only be around 4.5-inches. That’d put it right up against the Dell Streak and perhaps means this will rock regular mobile skills as well as being able to handle more computer-esque tasks.

Nokia is expected to reveal more MeeGo details at MWC next month. We’ll be there bringing you all the gossip as it happens, so stay tuned here and keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for more details.

Via Engadget