Nokia Lumia 800 update available now

Update has started rolling out worldwide

The Nokia Lumia 800 is not to suffer the same fate as the iPhone 4S concerning battery life, or at least that's what this update hopes to fix

Nokia has announced that it has started rolling out the latest update for the Nokia Lumia 800 which will see a whole host of improvements including a fix for the Nokia Lumia battery problem that has been plaguing many users.

Although not available to everyone at once, the update has begun rolling out today, with all phones hopefully updated within the next two weeks. As well as offering improvements to the smartphone's charging capabilites the update will also see improvements to voicemail notifications as well as enhanced audio quality.

Unveiled to critical acclaim the Nokia Lumia 800 is Nokia's first phone released running Windows Phone 7 Mango and the first of a range of phones that will be arriving from Nokia with the 800 already out, the Lumia 710 coming soon and the Lumia 900 all but officially confirmed.

Do you have a Nokia Lumia 800, have you noticed any improvements with the update? Let us know via the comments box below...

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