Nokia Lumia 800 sales forecasts fall short of expectations

Half a million units expected to ship by end of 2011

The Nokia Lumia 800 landed in the UK last week, but analysts are predicting that the Windows Phone device will only ship half a million units before the end of 2011

According to industry analysts, the sales of Nokia's first Windows Phone handset will be less than expected, with 500,000 units expected to be shipped by the end of this year.

Bernstein Research has released this information, with analyst Pierre Ferragu, who has been watching data on Google Trends, saying that he found that the buzz level is around the same as the Symbian-powered Nokia N8, which endured a tough time.

Another firm, Pacific Crest has previously said the Lumia 800 would ship up to two million (given a push by Christmas shopping), but its analyst James Faucette has now said the estimate is closer to 500,000.

According to Ferragu: "With no breakthrough innovation, we believe Nokia's new phones are unlikely to get traction in a highly concentrated high-end." He said the firm doesn't believe the Lumia phones are competitively priced and did not have enough advantages over other operating systems like Android and iOS.

The handset has already been hit by battery issues, with Nokia promising a rectifying patch soon.

Nokia, however, is believed to be happy with the sales of the Windows Phone handsets so far, with it saying the Lumia 800 has given the firm its best-ever first week sales.

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Via: TechRadar