Nokia ‘exceeds expectations’ to shift 4.4 million Lumia phones in Q4 2012

Can Windows Mobile 8 finally become a smartphone OS top dog?

Nokia announces healthy Q4 sales figures for its Lumia smartphones, but also admits to having difficulty producing enough of the devices to satisfy demand

Those celebrity laden ads seem to have done the trick for Nokia, which announced sales this week totalling 4.4 million for its colourful Windows Mobile 8 toting smartphone range. A huge improvement over the 1 million Lumias it sold during the latter part of 2011.

These sales come as great news for Windows Mobile 8, whose user base has so far lagged behind the mobile behemoths of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems.

However, not all is smooth sailing for the Finish phone makers. High sales of its flagship Lumia 920 device seem to have caused it a supply problem, with Chief Executive Stephen Elop saying Nokia would have sold more phones if it could meet the demand.

So maybe even Nokia did not expect such success for its polycarbonate clad smartphones. The Lumia 920 is packing some serious specs including a 4.5 inch display, 8.7 mega pixel PureView camera, 32GB storage and wireless charging.

Here at T3 we are big fans of Lumia, praising its impressive display and smooth operating system in our review. However we found the lack of apps and weight of the device a little off-putting. What are your thoughts on Nokia's current form? Let us know in the comments box below.

Via: The Telegraph