Nokia E7 not coming until April

Top-end phone delayed again according to Expansys

Worrying hold-up for Nokia as it looks to recover lost ground.

It seems the Nokia E7 has hit the skids. Again. The Symbian 3 cell, unveiled way back at Nokia World in September and slated for a January release after months of delays, has once again been held up.

Online gadget emporium Expansys says it won’t be shipping the device until 12 April, over seven months since the phone’s announcement. By that stage you can expect the 4-inch touchscreen/slider hybrid to have been well and truly outdated at Mobile World Congress.

Three has already pushed back its E7 plans until April, meaning Expansys’ release date is unlikely to come forward. At a time when Nokia is losing smartphone share rapidly, this is another huge setback and one which smacks of the disastrous N8 launch last year.

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Via Unwired View