Nokia ditches Symbian OS for MeeGo

Nokia N8 will be last N-Series phone with Symbian

Nokia has announced that its high-end smartphones will no longer operate on its Symbian OS.

The company will be switching to its new linux-based MeeGo OS in order to compete with do-it-all platforms like Android and iOS 4.

MeeGo will appear on Nokia's flagship N-Series of smartphones, with the Nokia N8 being the last of the bunch to run the dated Symbian OS. Nokia's cheaper handsets will keep running Symbian, with a Nokia spokesperson saying that "Symbian is enabling us to bring smartphones to more and more people" - those who aren't in the market for £500 iPhone-killers, presumably.

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MeeGo is the latest linux-based smartphone OS to take a bite out of Apple's market share, along with Android, Samsung's Bada and Palm's WebOS. Whether the open-source linux-based operating systems win out over Apple's tightly controlled iOS still remains to be seen.

Via: Reuters