Nokia City Lens AR app comes to Lumia Windows Phones

Windows Phone devices get some local assistance with Beta launch

Nokia has added to its Lumia-exclusive suite of apps with the new location-based AR app City Lens

Owners of Nokia's well-received Lumia Windows Phone devices have a new toy to play with today: A brand new location-based Augmented Reality app called City Lens.

Like many other AR apps before it, City Lens allows you to move your Lumia's camera around to instantly see what's on offer in every direction, be it bars, restaurants, shops, museums or other places of interest.

The general location of the colour-coded icons are displayed on the screen, with a star rating and an idea of where they are in relation to your current spot. Hitting an item brings up more detailed address and ratings information.

You can also call or navigate to a place in one tap, while it can be shared via SMS with your friends if you're planning on meeting people there.

The app is the latest Lumia exclusive app from Nokia as it seeks to create a niche for its Windows Phone offerings.

City Lens, which arrives in Beta for those possessing a Lumia 610, Lumia 710, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900, is available to download from Nokia Beta Labs today.

Via: Nokia Conversations