Nokia C1 and C2 dual-SIM handsets announced

Humanitarian C2 to launch in Kenya with Ovi Life service

Nokia has announced the launch of two dual-SIM handsets in the forms of the bargain-bucket Nokia C1 and economically priced Nokia C2.

The two new models mark Nokia’s first foray into dual-SIM devices, with each handset playing host to two separate SIM card slots, eliminating the need for both a personal and work handset, and channelling all incoming text messages and phone calls through the single device.

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The basic handsets come with none of the bells and whistles associated with modern smartphones, instead the new Nokia devices are aimed at the entry level market and those with a tight budget. The Nokia C1 is set to cost a mere 30 Euros (£25) with the C2, which will be launched in Kenya, coming in at 45 Euros (£37).

Full specs for the two models are yet to be released, but notable revelations of the new handsets will see the C1 carrying a built-in torch whilst the C2 is to incorporate a number of pre-installed applications to make it useful accessory in the developing world.

The humanitarian Nokia C2 will also run Nokia’s Ovi Life service offering healthcare, agriculture and entertainment advice.

Both handsets are expected to start shipping in the third quarter of 2010. Keep track of the latetst news and updates of the Nokia C1 and C2 through our Twitter and Facebook feeds.