Nokia boss: Apple a must-have for apps

French exec tells devs that Apple is way to go

Android and Ovi both important, but Nokia chief acknowledges Apple's is top of the pile.

It’s not often you hear a Nokia exec bigging up Apple, but that’s exactly what Nokia’s Ovi boss over in France has done. Cedric Thomas told devs that Apple is ‘a must have’ for those looking to make and sell apps both in Europe and the US.

The surprise move came during a presentation at the MIPCOM conference in Cannes. Thomas used a slide to illustrate how devs could ‘address the app stores’, saying that while developing for Apple was imperative, Nokia was ‘key for [the] Asian market and Europe’, while Android is ‘leading the US market and growing’ and ‘BlackBerry is strong in the US.’

This honest take comes just weeks after Niklas Savander tore into Apple and Google at Nokia World and talked up Espoo’s ‘fightback’ against its newer rivals. Still, Thomas did say that the Ovi Store was experiencing an impressive 2.5 million downloads a day, showing that Nokia’s own app emporium isn’t too shabby.

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