Nokia and Intel open lab to develop 3D mobile tech

Work begins on 3D interfaces and holographic calls

Finland University houses 3D phone partnership

Nokia and Intel have established a joint research centre for the development of 3D mobile technology. The Intel and Nokia Joint Innovation Centre opened its doors for the first time today. The lab is located at the Centre for Internet Excellence at the University of Oulu in Oulu, Finland and will house two dozen R&D professionals.

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This is not the first time that Nokia and Intel have worked together; the MeeGo open source platform was a joint development and runs devices produced by both companies. It is this platform that will provide the base for much of the two companies’ ongoing work in the much-hyped field of 3D phones.

The research centre will focus on the further development of new user interfaces, with an emphasis on transferring real-world interactions into commands and gestures, in search of ever-more natural and intuitive user experiences.

More excitingly, the press release talks about “technologies that allow displaying a 3D hologram of the person you are talking to on the phone”, a long-term science-fiction staple and the most natural application of the new technology. Stay tuned to, the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds and the Jedi High Council for further updates.

Link: Engadget