No Sony quad-core smartphones till 2013?

Exec speaks about Sony’s possible smartphone roadmap

In an interview Sony’s Stephen Sneeden has predicted that Sony may not embrace quad-core for some time after concerns about battery life

Sony may not release a single quad-core smartphone until as late as 2013, or at least that’s the prediction by Sony Mobile’s Product Marketing Manager Stephen Sneeden.

Talking to CNET during MWC 2012 the exec revealed that Sony was still unconvinced by the benefits with quad-core especially when battery life can be so heavily compromised.

"We're going to join quad-core when we feel that the performance matches the battery efficiency,"

“What we are going to be doing in the second-half of the year is moving to the Cortex A15 architecture, which we feel outperforms the current quad-core architecture."

This is highlighted further by the fact their new range of Xperia smartphones headed up by the Xperia S are all dual-core smartphones.

Despite Sony’s skepticism many manufacturers have embraced Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor with HTC’s One X and the LG Optimus 4X HD leading the range.

What do you think, do we really need quad-core or is it just for the sake of having something faster than dual-core?

Source: CNET