"No plans" to kill off iPod Classic says Steve Jobs

Apple CEO responds to email regarding fate of original iPod

Comments come after rampant speculation that device was about to get the chop.

Apple has “no plans” to kill off the iPod Classic according to Steve Jobs, with the Apple boss forced to respond to a customer query after rampant speculation about the device’s future.

The initial email, sent by a MacRumors forum user, said, “I've heard a LOT of speculation that Apple is looking to kill the iPod Classic because it wasn't updated on Sept. 1st [2010], and that a lot of people would rather Touch. The iPod Classic is probably the best iPod in the line. PLEASE DON'T KILL IT!!!”

Jobs’ one line reply read, “We have no plans to.” The device was the only one of the iPod line not to be refreshed last year, after the iPod touch, nano and shuffle were all given iterative updates.

In recent weeks, talk of the iPod Classic’s demise has once again ramped up, with reports that supplies were running low. However, it seems it’ll be some time yet before the capacious Classic is given the chop.

Via MacRumors