No Microsoft Windows tablets until summer 2012

Lengthy delay could see Big M miles behind Apple and Google

Windows 8-packing slates not out until later next year.

Microsoft won’t release a full-on iPad rival until the summer 2012, according to insiders speaking with Business Week. Recent rumours have suggested that a Microsoft slate will use Windows 8 rather than a beefed up version of Windows Phone 7.

The, “…people with knowledge of the plans,” said testing on a Microsoft tablet would start later this year. A release would tie in with recent chatter surrounding a Dell Windows 8 tablet, which was spied on a leaked roadmap from the PC maker.

Such a delay would doubtless harm Microsoft in its attempts to show it has what it takes in the tablet space. By summer next year, the iPad will have been around for over two years, while Android tablets will be even more advanced than the current Google offerings.

Is Microsoft making a huge mistake in not looking to rush out a tablet? Should it use Windows Phone 7 instead of Windows 8? Let us know what you think via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Business Week