No Kinect support for Fable 3

Post-launch Kinect skills may be built in but won't be there at start

Peter Molyneux says Fable 3 won't play nice with Kinect from the get go.

Fable 3 is one game you can tick off your Kinect must-play list. The much-vaunted sequel will not work with Microsoft’s motion control camera at launch according to the man behind it, Peter Molyneux.

Speaking on The Engadget Show, Molyneux said Kinect would not work with the title from the start. However, he later said that Kinect skills may come to the game after launch.

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This would tie in with previous claims by Molyneux that Fable 3 would be getting all friendly with the forthcoming camera, but it’ll still be a blow to those hoping Kinect would be stretching beyond its rather casual list of launch titles.

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Via Joystiq