NME magazine launches iPhone and iPod touch app

Band tagging service offers alerts when news breaks

Gallagher Brother news (and not much else) delivered direct to your smartphone

Storied music rag NME has launched a new app for iPhone and iPod touch that'll give readers alerts when news about their favourite bands is published.

The app, which costs £1.19 to download from the App Store also features breaking news from NME.com as well as video interviews and gig photography.

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Downloaders will also be able to customise which content they receive and browse offline when they're out of signal range.

The new app launch should please Oasis fans, as a reported 95.3 per cent of news published by the NME over the past ten years has featured the Gallagher brothers in some way shape or form, including 2,563 consecutive covers. Or something like that, there might have been some Coldplay news in there too.

Link: NME