Nintendo Wii still in regular use say T3 readers

Most still game for some weekly Wii action

The latest T3 poll results are in...

After recent data showed that one-in-three UK households own a Nintendo Wii, we asked you in last week's T3 poll when you last used your Ninty console.

Much to our suprise, 35% of you claimed to have waved a Wiimote in the last seven days. However, only 11% of you said that you had played with your Wii on that day or the day before. 19% of you said you had not switched on your Wii for a long, long time, no doubt collecting dust in a cupboard somewhere.

With Sony having already unleashed its answer to the Nintendo Wii in the shape of the PlayStation Move controller, and Kinect, Microsoft's motion-sensing peripheral set to launch in the UK in November, motion gaming is set to be big business in the run up to Christmas.

Nintendo has recently announced that the Wii Remote Plus will land in Europe in November. Will this be enough to save Ninty from being turfed out by Sony and Microsoft?

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