Nintendo Wii celebrates 5th Birthday

Console celebrates 5-years of original gaming

Coming after the news that Nintendo were making a loss is the news that in fact one of it's finest products the Wii is five years old this week

The Nintendo Wii celebrates 5-years since it's launch in the US with the anniversary proving that it a product is good enough, no amount of time can slow down its success.

When it first came out the Nintendo Wii was a revolutionary product boasting a style of gameplay that hadn't been seen before, the motion-controlled platform took everyone by surprise with its originality and bold decision to offer an experience rather than take on the big consoles with better graphical performance.

Since then it has sold 88.3 million units, a figure that pushed Nintendo into the stratosphere and gave Microsoft and Sony both a lesson in how to appeal to a bigger audience but now that the Nintendo Wii is five-years old it looks as though Nintendo will be changing their tact, instead moving headfirst to take on the Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3.

The Nintendo Wii U is the next-generation console from Nintendo and while it offers the same revolutionary motion-controlled gaming it has also added graphics which will supposedly give even hardcore gamers something to appreciate while still offerin family-friendly titles.

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