Nintendo to add three new colours to DSi XL range

Yellow, green and blue consoles to launch October 8th

Yellow, green and blue Nintendo DSi set to launch in time for Christmas

Just days after its leading character Mario turned 25 years old, master of addictive family gaming, Nintendo has announced it is to expand its range of DSi XL portable consoles in the UK with the inclusion of three new coloured models.

Set to be released in three additional hues, the new yellow, green and blue devices will hot shelves across Europe early next month on October 8th, adding to the standard wine red and dark brown consoles already available.

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Other than their colourful differences the new DSi XL consoles will be identical to existing devices in terms of performance and with the same gloss finish to the top and matt finish to the bottom of the pocket gaming device.

The larger screen of the DSi XL allows for wider viewing angles and more in depth gaming whilst on the move. Pre-loaded with Nintendo DSiWare software and the DSi browser the XL console costs £159.99.

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