Nintendo testing the waters with first paid-for iOS app

Pokedex for iOS to launch in Japan

After suffering numerous clones and rip-offs, Nintendo is set to finally publish its first official paid-for app for Apple's iOS platform

According to various sources, Nintendo is turning to the Pokemon francise for its first paid-for app and will roll out Pokedex for iOS on the Japanese market at the princly sum of 170 yen - about £1.30.

The Pokedex app will offer an encyclopedia of 150 of the little beasties, with add-on packs for new creatures available to download for 500 yen each.

Okay, unless you're a die-hard Pokemon fan, this news probably isn't going to set your day alight, but hear us out.

So far Nintendo has pretty much refused to acknowledge Apple's App Store, a move which has left third party clone apps to fill the void.

Now, if the Pokedex app turns out to be a big seller, it could open the doors for more Nintendo outings on our iPhones. How cool would it be to play the original Super Mario Bros or Zelda games on your iDevice?

Unfortunately, we have no idea if the app will make the leap to our own iOS market, or even when it's likely to appear in Japan. It's early days yet folks, but we'll keep you updated as soon as we know more.

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