Nintendo shows off speedy Wii U upgrade

April updates previewed in YouTube video

Nintendo has posted a video on its YouTube channel showcasing a new update for the Wii U console that promises faster loading times

Two new updates are on the way for Nintendo's Wii U console next month that will speed the console up when it comes to switching between apps and games.

The Japanese company has posted a video on its YouTube channel showing a speed comparison test from before and after the update is installed.

The side-by-side comparison drops the time taken to exit a game from twenty seconds to just eight.

The Wii U has faced some pretty severe criticism when it comes to loading times since launching last November and there's no doubt this new update will come as a relief to frustrated fans of the system.

The upgrade focuses on returning to the menu screen rather than booting up into games, but its good to see some of the sluggishness of the interface reduced.

If you're still debating about whether to pick up Nintendo's new console you can read our review right here and see the upgrade comparison in the video below.