Nintendo DSi and DS Lite UK price cut confirmed

Ninty to drop European handheld prices on June 18th

Could this be a pre-cursor to the 3DS announcement

Nintendo is set to further cut the cost of its DSi and DS Lite handheld consoles ahead of the expected 3DS announcement at the E3 gaming expo.

The Japanese gaming giant says that retailers will be selling the device at a new to-be-confirmed RRP from June 18th, which further inspires speculation that a new generation 3DS console, boasting 3D glasses-less 3D gaming, is on the way.


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We'll have all the big news from E3 when it kicks-off in a couple of weeks. We're expecting more from Project Natal, PlayStation Move and possibly a new PSP device at the annual Los Angeles gaming event, so it should be a good one.

Link: Nintendo (via ONM)