Nintendo DS outsells 3DS in US

First month US figures for new Ninty console are in

Old-school versions of handheld win out.

The Nintendo 3DS shifted over 60,000 units less than its DS stablemate during its first month on sale in the US. The three-dimensional handheld sold just under 400,000 in the States, while the DSi and DSi XL managed 460,000 on the back of the release of the latest Pokemon title.

The latest official stats come after Nintendo revealed it had sold 303,000 3DSs in Europe, including 113,000 in the UK. The US numbers are significantly lower than analysts had predicted, but Nintendo America boss Reggie Fils-Aime remained bullish.

"We are very satisfied with this start and we look forward to the momentum that we will build on Nintendo 3DS with the launch of the E-Shop, the launch of the 3D trailers for Hollywood movies and the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in mid-June,” he said.

By contrast, the original DS sold around 100,000 units more in its first month on sale in November 2004. However, the 3DS costs around $100 more. Have you bought a 3DS yet? Are do you remain unconvinced? Tell us now on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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