Nintendo cuts Wii U sales predictions

Nintendo forecasts operating loss as Wii U console sales outlook is slashed

Nintendo has cut its sales forecast for its next-gen console, the Wii U, and lowered its full-year sales outlook for the second financial quarter in a row

It seems that Christmas didn't provide the sales boost that Nintendo was hoping for. The Japanese console manufacturer and games publisher has revised its sales forecast for the Wii U, predicting that it will only sell 4 million units in the year to March. This figure is 27 per cent down from its previous sales forecast.

Nintendo has also cut its sales forecasts for its other gaming hardware and software. Sales for the 3DS handheld console have been revised to 15 million (down 14 per cent from previous predictions) and DS sales are down to 2.3 million (down 8 per cent), Software is also expected to underperform, with Wii U game sales targets reduced to 16 million units from 24 million.

In spite of all the dour news and revised sales forecast, Nintendo has increased its annual sales profits forecasts to ¥14 billion, due to the weakening Yen currency.

Industry analysts are pointing to the rise in tablet and smartphone gaming that has eaten into the casual core market Nintendo used to dominate so thoroughly, for the Japanese gaming company's adverse recent fortunes.