Nintendo airs first Wii U advert

Nintendo rolls out first TV spot for next generation Wii U console

Nintendo has started rolling out the UK TV adverts for its new Wii U videogames console

With the launch of the Wii U next gen videogames console homing into view on the horizon, Nintendo has unleashed its first TV adverts promoting it. The advert first premiered on Channel 4 last night during the US drama Homeland.

The clip begins by placing the Wii U's identity as "a brand new console with a brand new controller" front and centre, presumably to avoid the confusion that's dogged the console in the mainstream since its unveiling at E3 in 2011. The advert also highlighted several of the games players can expect to get their hands on when the Wii U launches, including New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, ZombieU, Batman: Arkham City and Mass Effect 3.

The narrator's cheeky voice over - we're betting money that it's Adam Buxton - also points to some of Wii U controller's unique features, such as its touchscreen interface and the fact players needn't wrap up their game time if someone else wishes to comandeer the television.

The Wii U is set to launch on November 18th with prices starting at 229.99 (from