Nintendo a no-show at CES

Gaming giant had been expected at Las Vegas gadget bash

No big stand for Ninty at next year's extravaganza.

Nintendo’s announcement earlier this week that it’d be making an appearance at CES for the first time in 16 years set tongues wagging. Sadly, though, it seems the Japanese gaming giant won’t be hitting the show floor.

Ninty has clarified its position via the CEA, which runs the Vegas gadget gathering, saying it would be holding meetings, but that tech insiders and hacks wouldn’t get the chance to play with the ace 3DS on a big time stand.

It’s a real shame, especially as CES’s focus has been largely on TVs and home entertainment in recent years. A Nintendo stand would certainly have livened things up.

CES kicks off in the first week of January and we’ll be there, bringing you all the tech news that matters as it happens.

Via Electronista