Nintendo 3DS web update delayed

Update to introduce web browser and virtual console

Nintendo's 3DS update has been delayed with an expected arrival of June

With CVG revealing that the latest 3DS update will be delayed until June, it's now been brought to light that the update will contain not only a web browser but also a virtual console and all the other benefits that come with DSiware.

The virtual console is certainly an exciting prospect with customers being able to download back titles of older Nintendo classics while the library of DSiware applications will definitely give the handheld more oomph.

What's most alluring however is the prospect of 3D browsing, while admittedly the screen isn't exactly mammoth sized (for obvious reasons) the idea of surfing the web in 3D sounds more than appealing.

Of course while Nintendo hasn't revealed whether any of the non-3DS content will in fact be in 3D we can see no reason why it shouldn't.

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