Nintendo 3DS update will add 3D video recording

Ninty finally adds the 3D capability we've been waiting for

After a pointed absence on Nintendo's handheld of almost a year, Nintendo have finally announced a software update that will bring proper 3D recording to the 3DS

It was an arched eyebrow on the face of the tech world; the revelation last year that the Nintendo 3DS wouldn't launch with 3D video recording - despite, you know, being built around a 3D camera. But Nintendo are to finally right this wrong with the 3DS' next firmware update, which will at last add the 3D recording functionality we should have had all along.

And that's not all: Nintendo are also bringing Hulu Plus - the US-only TV streaming service - to the 3DS, letting US gamers stream TV shows straight to their 3DS over WiFi. There's no word on whether we in Blighty will be receiving any kind of comparable service (Hulu Plus is available on Xbox 360 and PlayStaton 3 in the US, while UK console gamers have content provided by Sky, BBC iPlayer, LoveFilm et al.) but we'll be keeping our fingers crossed.

The 3DS has undergone several price cuts since its UK release in March last year, with Nintendo blaming a lack of strong launch titles for the handheld's poor sales performance in Japan and abroad. With the Sony PlayStation Vita on the way in February 2012, the addition of 3D video is a key fix for Nintendo, adding another feature that it can laud over Sony's 2D-only handheld. The update will be released before the end of November.

Source: PCWorld