Nintendo 3DS update coming late May

Software boost adds string of new features

Upgrade will be released globally and not staged by region.

The Nintendo 3DS doesn’t even hit shelves in the UK until 25 March. But already Ninty is plotting s software update which will add a slew of new features to its three-dimensional handheld.


Nintendo 3DS video

Source: T3 Tech videos

The bump, confirmed by Nintendo America’s Reggie Fils-Aime, will bring Nintendo’s eShop, a web browser, the DSiWare service and the opportunity to load up any existing DSiWare titles onto the spanking new console.

The eShop is set to bring a slew of classic games, updated with 3D smarts, to the party. Ninty is keeping schtum about just what titles will be available, however.

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Via Eurogamer