Nintendo 3DS update coming 8 December

Brings 3D video-recording and Hulu

Despite being late in its arrival the update for the NIntendo 3DS will be here in time for Christmas, bringing with it 3D-recording and a host of other features

The Nintendo 3DS is to finally get the update it's been waiting for which will bring 3D video-recording, access to Hulu and also increased functionality in the Mii Plaza.

Of course the most mooted feature there will be the ability to record 3D video which can then be viewed back on the 3DS screen and also sent to other 3DS consoles.

Despite having been originally set for a late November release date, this much anticipated software upgrade is now apparently in the 'final stages of internal testing' and so will be ready and available on 8 December.

This is just another piece of good news for the company after it celebrated five-years of the Nintendo Wii console, honouring it with a special blue-edition version of the console.

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Source: Nintendo