Nintendo 3DS UK release date games availability revealed

13 full 3D titles to land on 3DS launch day

PES 2011 3D and Super Street Fighter IV 3D confirmed to launch alongside console

The full line-up of games set to be released alongside the March 25th UK arrival of the Nintendo 3DS has been released with 13 titles preparing for the launch day 3D console treatment.

Covering all bases with a mixture of beat ‘em-up, sport, adventure and more relaxed gaming experiences, the selection of launch titles will see nine different developers creating content with Nintendo self publishing Pilotwings Resort and nintendogs.

Most publicised of the launch title’s are Konami’s PES 2011 3D which will allow gamers to get down to pitch level with the new 3D-enhancing player view camera angles and Super Street Fighter IV which will offer an extra-dimensional take on the console classic.

Launch title favourite Ridge Racer will be hitting the 3DS when it lands in stores on March 25th as will the EA life simulation The Sims 3 and LucasArts’ LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars. SEGA’s Super Monkey Ball and Samurai Warriors: Chronicles from TECMO KOEI are also set to get the 3D treatment.

Ubisoft will complete the round of launch titles with four releases as Asphalt 3D and platform classic Rayman 3D get set to join two Tom Clancy releases, Ghost Recon Shadow Wars and Splinter Cell 3D. Nintendo 3DS consoles are currently available for pre-order with the lowest prices coming in a smidge under the £200 mark.

Does the recently announced list of 3DS launch titles tempt you into pre-ordering the glasses-free 3D console or have you set to await the Sony NGP arrival? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.