Nintendo 3DS UK release date and price revealed

Glasses-free 3D gamer to land March 25th for £230

3DS to hit UK one month after Japan launch

The eagerly anticipated UK arrival of the Nintendo 3DS is set to happen on March 25th with the glasses-free portable 3D games console to set wannabe owners back somewhere in the region of £200 - £230, gaming publication MCV has announced.

In an online news alert the industry magazine revealed: "MCV has been lead to believe that the console will arrive in the UK on or around March 25th with a shelf price of £200-£230."

The apparent UK release details come just days ahead of the official European 3DS press event Nintendo is scheduled to host in Amsterdam on January 19th and follows the news the Japanese company hopes to sell 4 million 3DS units globally by the end of March.

Set to sport a 3.5-inch sans-glasses 3D capable display, the soon to arrive 3DS has come under repeated attack in recent weeks following Nintendo’s advice that under six year olds sound not use the device for health reasons and the revelation that the console’s battery will allow for just 3-5 hours of gaming per charge.

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Via: MCV