Nintendo 3DS UK price defended as Ninty bash Kinect

Hefty 3DS price tag defended by Nintendo UK head

Nintendo 3Ds unveiled to price concerns

Following the announcement that Nintendo’s long awaited foray into glasses-free portable 3D gaming will touch down in the UK of March 25th the gaming giant has defended the 3DS’s high price point and hit out at dated competitors.

With the 3DS set to cost UK gamers a minimum of £220, just fraction less than an Xbox 360 with Kinect bundle, Nintendo’s UK Marketing Manager James Honeywell has defended the 3DS’s pricing and struck out at its motion-sensing competitor.

The Nintendo head announced: Motion controlling has been around for a while – we moved into that area with the Nintendo Wii which launched in 2006. We feel that the Nintendo 3DS is the future. 3D has been gaining momentum over the last couple of years.”

With its predecessor the Nintendo DSi launching for just £149.99, Honeywell has declared the 3DS’s price hike is due to its technological advancements stating: “There's a lot of new technology that's gone into the 3DS, beyond the 3D screens themselves and there's a lot of additional functionality like SpotPass and StreetPass.” He added: “It is a true successor to the Nintendo DSi so it does have much more advanced graphics and much more advanced functionality.”

Keeping positive on the 3DS’s imminent UK arrival Honeywell went on to say: “We think that we can bring 3D to the mass market, to a wider audience, and really explode it out and that's why people will want it. Anyone that wants the latest and best experience will want the 3DS." Returning to the device’s questionable pricing he added: “We actually think that's actually a pretty good price. We think it's kind of affordable when you compare it with other 3D experiences.”

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Via: PocketLint