Nintendo 3DS UK launch scheduled for early 2011?

No festive fun coming from Nintendo this year

3DS wait to disappoint UK gamers

The Nintendo 3DS, the glasses-free 3D handheld games console unveiled earlier this week at E3 is unlikely to land in the UK until early next year according to a ‘senior source’ at the Japanese games company.

Nintendo are reportedly targeting a release of the handheld device that is set to transform portable gaming in ‘one territory’ by the end of the year with a more extensive rollout to come in the opening months of 2011.

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The news is disappointing for UK gamers who were looking to get their hands on the revolutionary piece of tech ahead of the US and Japanese markets or at the very least in time for the festive period.

The 3DS which is capable of showing 3D movies and taking 3D photos along with its main function of a 3D games console has become the talk of the gaming town following its official unveiling and demonstration at E3.

The main draw of the new handheld device is its ability to offer 3D content without the need for the irritating, intrusive and inconvenient glasses usually associated with 3D technologies.

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