Nintendo 3DS UK launch date and price coming September

September 29th announced as 3DS information day

Nintendo 3DS pricing and release dates incoming September 29th

Gaming giant Nintendo has announced it is to reveal the pricing and release date information for its upcoming 3D handheld console, the Nintendo 3DS on September 29, Bloomberg Japan has confirmed.

The glasses-free, handheld 3D gamer has sparked global excitement following its unveiling at the E3 expo in Los Angeles last month as it looks set to change the gamer – console relationship. If first impressions from this week’s hands-on are anything to go by, the 3DS is going to live up to the hype.

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Building on the Nintendo DS, currently the most successful handheld console on the planet in terms of unit sales, the 3DS brings user variable 3D that can be turned off or heightened depending on the gamer’s preference. Current speculation on the 3DS puts an expected launch date around March 2011. This announcement date confirmation, however, gives hope to the millions of global gamers eager to find a 3DS hanging in their Christmas stocking this festive season.

If the 3DS is granted a pre-Christmas launch, it will enter a gaming market heavily congested with new and innovative products such as Sony and Microsoft’s attacks on motion-controlled gaming. Whilst Sony’s PlayStation Move is to hit shelves in September with a very wallet-friendly £50 Starter Kit launch price, Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral will arrive during the prime festive shopping period, November.

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