Nintendo 3DS tops 5 million units sales milestone in native Japan

Portable glasses-free 3D games device becomes Nintendo's fastest selling console

Ahead of the imminent UK arrival of the Sony PlayStation Vita, Nintendo has revealed it has toppled the 5m unit sales milestone in its native Japan

Despite getting off to a rocky start Nintendo has revealed that the 3DS has sold 5 million units in the company’s native Japan, hitting the impressive milestone figure faster than the original DS.

Being made available in the UK late last March the 3DS was given more than three months of exclusivity in Japan with the 5 million units sale mark reached in a little over a year.

Struggling to finds its feet during its opening months on sales, a number of health concerns and reports or nausea relating to the device’s glasses-free 3D display forced Nintendo into slashing the portable console’s price with the 25,000 yen (£197.62) launch fee quickly dropped to 15,000 yen (£118.57).

Nintendo’s fastest selling console to date, the 3DS has hit the 5 million unit sales milestone in the same time it took to the Wii and original DS device to near the 4 million sales mark.

Continuing to perform well in the UK, following a similar post release price drop, the 3DS is set to gain further competition later this week with the official Sony PS Vita UK release date pencilled in for this Wednesday, February 22nd.

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Via: TechRadar