Nintendo 3DS to cater for more 'casual' gamers

Nintendo US boss confirms target audience to broaden

While the DS excelled in catering for a large range of different gamers the 3DS thus far has been for the hardcore Nintendo gamers, that's going to change

Speaking in an interview Nintendo US boss Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed that the target audience for the Nintendo 3DS will begin to shift, incorporating more and more casual gamers just as the Nintendo DS did before it.

Speaking to Games Blog he was clear to highlight the fact that the 3DS will be broadening it's target audience:

"In terms of other genres, absolutely we will continue to push the envelope with new, unique, differentiated experiences that you can only get on the Nintendo 3DS and that widen the consumer demographic."

However he was keen to point out that this doesn't mean a step away from the classic titles that have been hitting the 3DS in waves of late.

"Our two big holiday titles for this year will certainly broaden the audience. Everyone loves Mario, [and] everyone loves to play Mario Kart,"

With Nintendo celebrating 5 years of the Nintendo Wii the company will be keen to keep it's consoles growing, not only as products but also in the content that they offer especially with the PS Vita just around the corner.

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Source: Games Blog