Nintendo 3DS sales top 1 million mark in Japan

After 13 weeks Japanese sales surpass 1 million milestone

After 13 weeks of sales, Nintendo has shifted its one millionth 3DS console

After 13 weeks of sales, Nintendo has shifted its one millionth Nintendo 3DS console in its native Japan, Japanese newspaper Mainichi has reported.

The seemingly impressive sales figures slump in comparison to the pocket 3D console’s predecessors, however, with the DSi and DS Lite devices taking just seven weeks to hit the one million milestone. The original Nintendo DS took a mere four weeks to wrack up one million unit sales in Japan.

Nintendo announced in March it had sold just over 3 million units of the 3DS globally to date following the international rollout of the glasses-free 3D gaming device.

With the 3DS’ slow rise to popularity being marred by continued health warnings and worries and a weak offering of launch titles, the console’s uptake could be set to rise with big titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Star Fox 64 3D and Super Mario all set to appear in the near future.

Following the official unveil of the Sony PlayStation Vita recently, Nintendo will be hoping that native and international sales of the 3DS pick up ahead of the arrival of the PSP replacement later this year.

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