Nintendo 3DS sales hit 3.6 million mark since launch

3DS sales fall below targets as health issues remain

3.6 million 3DS sales falls below Nintendo's opening targets

As focus rests on the announcement of an imminent Wii 2 unveiling, Nintendo has revealed the recently released 3DS has shifted 3.6 million units to date, with sales falling well below the company’s expectations.

Released to much fanfare sales of the world’s first glasses-free 3D portable games console were hampered shortly after launch as health concerns quelled interest with early adopters of the 3D gamer reporting cases of eye-strain, nausea, headaches and vomiting following brief periods of using the device.

Ensuring investors that the 3DS got off to a “smooth start” despite falling short of the 4 million sales target bestowed upon it, the Japanese gaming giant attempted to hide plummeting profits that has seen net income drop 66 per cent to 77.6 billion YEN (around £545m) by revealing the eagerly anticipated Wii 2 console will be officially unveiled at E3 on June 7th.

Announced alongside the 3DS console sales, Nintendo revealed that since hitting Japan in February and European and US markets late last month, 9.43 million games have been sold for the fledgling console rounding out to just short of three games per user.

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Via: TechRadar