Nintendo 3DS receives further price cut from retailers

Handheld now selling for half its original pricetag

More retailers slash 3DS prices after sales slump.

The Nintendo 3DS, released just five months ago in the UK, has taken another price cut in the wake of poor sales. After Tesco revealed their plans to bring the price of the handheld down to just £115 yesterday, other high street retailers are following suit.

Morrison's is the next cheapest option for would-be 3DS owners, selling the handheld for £119.99. This is followed by ASDA at £134.99 and Sainsbury's at £139.99. Game are also offering discount bundle deals on the 3DS, with the handheld and the 3DS remake of the landmark Zelda: Ocarina of Time going for £154.99.

The 3DS has sold poorly since its launch earlier in the year, both abroad and in its native Japan, where the 3DS has already been discounted from the original £200 asking price down to around £120. Speaking on the sluggish sales, a Nintendo spokesperson blamed the slump on a poor selection of titles at launch, and that the price cut was made in order to "create momentum for the Nintendo 3DS and accelerate its market penetration toward the year-end sales season." Christmas, we reckon they mean.

The price cuts come just as Nintendo prepare to release their latest version of the 3DS in red.

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